Monday, May 13, 2013

Future Is RFID

An attempt to share information and knowledge on RFID gathered by me and my team @VicinityRFID over a period of last 7 years.

This is a first on the series of blogs to be presented and has a reason beyond being a mere blog....a RFID story to unfold over time and share information related to this technology to those who are new and a concise digest for those who are already aware.

When we started off with RFID business, it was new and nascent but once understood was very exciting. To touch base with clients on a common plane we have used this presentation and have since revised them many times. It has been downloaded and shared and copied by many through social media and our own websites (many more here...) . We have always benefitted by sharing this information with clients, partners, friends and associates and hence also the reason for being the first post with a focus on RFID space.